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Car styling fail

Tattoo fails

The Christmas Spirit is h

Cats, we are cats!

When you see it..

We got fake muscles

We are birds

Dog fails

Mixed bag of fun

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Six people were on..
Six people were on a plane. A doctor, a lawye..
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The Pope calls a m..
The Pope calls a meeting of all the cardinals..
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Two law partners l..
Two law partners leave their office and go to..
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How to cut off a b..
To cut off a blonde's ears, put razor blades ..
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Life is/was like a box

How to keep your burge

How to open locks usin

The $21,000 first clas

Man gives a monkey the

Snow prank

Digging deep gold digg

Hot pepper revenge pra

The missing dollar - b

Two burning ropes - br

Top 10 fastest cars in

Wanna try this ride? :

10.000 ton train vs li

Top 10 real ghost vide

The real shampoo prank

Car crash prank!!

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