TOP TEN PROPOSED NEW DOMAINSEarlier this week, Gregory Nemitz and a handful of space enthusiasts proposed creating specialdomains, including ".luna" and ".moon," for Web sites based on the moon. He wasn't kidding:And one of our "Ten laws the Net needs" involves a special ".xxx" domain for pornographic sites. But why stop there? Here are some new proposed domains, and what you can expect from the sites in them:10. ".trek"--contains audio files of William Shatner9. ".bill"--Microsoft has bought this company8. ".love"--for people who would rather cuddle7. ".slow"--based in a distant country with no T3 lines6. ".geek"--assumes you know what all the acronyms mean5. ".404"--we stopped maintaining our servers in 19964. ".y2k"--contains theories about the end of the world3. ".burn"--huge multimedia files will crash your computer2. ".*"--contains allegations about President Clinton's sex life1. ".duh"--explains, in detail, stuff you already know
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