Top Ten Most Violent Upcoming Movies
10. "Erin Brockovich Gets Her Face Chewed Off by Rats" 9. "Mary Poppins A Cap In Your Ass" 8. "Bitch-Slapping Miss Daisy" 7. "How Stella Got Her Groove Back 2: Whoopi Goldberg's Bikini Wax" Oh, for God's sake. I'm sorry we had to print that one.6. "Peyote Ugly" 5. "Circumcision: The Purification Begins" 4. "Thou Hast Deflowered My Daughter: An Amish Ass-kickin'" 3. "Field of Limbs" 2. "Terminal Velocity 2" starring Christopher Reeve 1. "How the Grinch Stole My Urethra"
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