Blonde Medical Terminology
ARTERY--The study of fine paintings. BARIUM--What you do when CPR fails. BENIGN--What yoiu are after you be8. CAESAREAN SECTION--A district in Rome. COLIC--A sheep dog. COMA--A punctuation mark. CONGENITAL--Friendly. DILATE--To live longer. FESTER--Quicker. G.I. SERIES--Baseball game between teams of soldiers. GRIPPE--A suitcase. HANGNAIL--A coat hook. MEDICAL STAFF--A Doctor's cane. MINOR OPERATION--Coal digging. MORBID--A higher offer. NODE--Was aware of. ORGANIC--Church musician. OUTPATIENT--A person who has fainted. POST-OPERATIVE--A letter carrier. PROTEIN--In favor of young people. SECRETION--Hiding anything. SEROLOGY--Study of English knighthood. TABLET--A small table. TUMOR--An extra pair. URINE--Opposite of you're out. VARICOSE VEINS--Veins which are very close together.
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