Bedtime Prayer of the future
Now I lay me down to sleep,from the nightstand buttons beep.PC all set to download a file,and send the mail in a little while.Then gather the news before the dawn,and all the scores from fans long gone.The AC is set to cut back on cool;Lights to blink, the burglars to fool.Alarm clock set on delayed shutoff;CD to play some, then cutoff.Sleep-maker set on medium tension,Voice mail set on no-wake suspension.Burglar alarm on delay activate;Carport lite on, for son who's late.Mr. Coffee all set to percolate;Dishwasher to run at ten of eight.Air purifier cleans each hour tonite;Water filter to fill the tank just right.VCR to tape three good shows,Something to watch during winter snows.Motion detectors on, to check what moves;White noise machine set to seaside soothes.Camcorder is ready to film in a flashBlender's all set, the fruit to mash.Lord, Bless our all-electric domain;Keep lightning away should it rain.Let no errant shock reset it all;Watch over the breaker box in the hall.I'm wide awake now from all this hassle;God bless our multi-megawatt castle. - Author Unknown
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