Looking For Jean Paul
Two Poles, Markowski and Krachevski go to France on a pleasure trip. They meet this Frenchman called Jean Paul and become good pals. Jean Paul finds these two Poles some-what amusing and so he goes all out to make them happy. He treats them at pubs, bars, discotheques.This goes on for a while until one fine day Jean Paul does not turn up. The Poles assume that some important work would have held him up and do not take a serious note of it. But, perhaps something was serious as Jean Paul does not turn up for next five days.At this the Poles get alarmed and go to the police station to lodge a report. The inspector asks them to give details of the person who's missing. The following conversation follows:Markowski: Well, his name is Jean Paul.Inspector: It's a very common name in France. Something more please.Krachevski: Well, he is very tall.Inspector: Most of the people in France are tall. Big deal.Markowski: Well, he's got blue eyes.Inspector: Oh! no. Something more substantial.Krachevski: I got it. This is slightly uncommon. I'm sure now youshall be able to track him. You see, He's got two holes in his ass.Inspector: (shocked): Well, well, that's curious. Are you sure?Krachevski: Ya! Ya!Inspector: Are you definitely sure that this very personal info youhave is CORRECT?Krachevski: Most certainly.Inspector (still skeptical): But how're you so sure?Krachevski: Simple. Whenever we used to go with him to the bar, everyone used to greet him as "Here comes Jean Paul with the two ass-holes!"
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