5 Mysterious and Unexplained Ghosts Caught On Camera
5 Mysterious and Unexplained Ghosts Caught On Camera Here are 5 very mysterious photos containing what appears to be paranormal Phenomena, Real or fake? you decide.
The English word spirit, from Latin spiritus breath, has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body. It can also refer to a subtle as opposed to gross material substance, as in the famous last paragraph of Sir Isaac Newtons Principia Mathematica.

The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality. The notions of a persons spirit and soul often also overlap, as both contrast with body and both are believed to survive bodily death in some religions, and spirit can also have the sense of ghost, i.e. a manifestation of the spirit of a deceased person. (source : wikipedia)

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