10 most amazing water slides in the world
From water slides that are built out of old decommissioned airplanes, to slides so steep they plummet you to the earth in a matter of split seconds! we take ...
The worlds longest water slide was a temporary installation in Waimauku, New Zealand, in February 2013. Constructed with a length of 650 metres , of which 550 metres functioned properly. Its creators claimed the previous record holder had a length of ~350 metres . The slide is being moved to Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey

The Waterslide at Buena Vista Lodge in Costa Rica is a 400 metres long water slide where the rider sits directly on the slide, with an inner-tube around their upper body for safety.

The longest multi-person water-coaster is the 1,763 foot long Mammoth at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. (source : wikipedia)

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